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Here’s How Adext’s AI-Driven Model Can Genuinely Empower You On So Many Levels…

Senior Ad Buyers And Prestigious Digital Media Agencies Across The Globe Choose Adext For The Following Reasons:

Beat most digital agencies that focus on online ads at their own game, effortlessly

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The First Ad Tech Artificial Intelligence Software That Magically Increases Conversions for Google AdWords And Facebook Ads 

Adext is the world's first and only ad tech AI SaaS solution that leverages the power of machine learning to find the most profitable audience for any ad over multiple platforms; ensuring the lowest costs per conversion and the highest ROAS. 

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Having Adext On Your Team Basically Means...

You already know how to manage Google AdWords and Facebook Ads campaigns like no one else. 

Now, you want to combine your expertise on these platforms with real AI to accelerate, amplify and scale your ad tech capabilities.

You will devote LESS time, money and resources while getting MORE customers, revenue, and ROI from your current campaigns' budget. 

You're ready to reach the right target audience for each of your ad campaigns at the lowest sustained cost per conversion. 

You will let Adext take over all the mundane, tedious and time-consuming ad optimization tasks for you.

You agree to focus on the most rewarding aspects of your job, doing things that are properly human. Adext will help you keep a strategic mindset and creative approach to your paid advertising. 

You will shift your time doing higher-value activities for your business since now you won't have to spend hours trying to minimize campaign inefficiencies or fixing human mistakes that affect the final results, nor dry up your clients' budget testing out what works best.

You are a tech-savvy agency, marketer or media buyer that will prevent digital advertising doom by aligning your company or agency to an AI-Driven future (which means that you'll have a massive advantage over competitors). 

Join the AI Ad Tech League!

You Only Configure It Once, And It'll Take Care Of The Rest

First, you need to connect your Google AdWords and Facebook Ads accounts to Adext so that it can access to your historical conversion data, which is required to nurture its AI and to establish a baseline to improve on. 

Then, you'll define the demographic targets that already worked well based on your experience, excluding those that didn't. At first, Adext AI will begin its exploration phase to find new potential converting audiences. 

Lastly, you'll determine the budget you want Adext to manage, indicating for how long you'd like it to be managed. And that's it! Adext will start managing and optimizing your campaigns for you.

Adext uses advanced Machine Learning pipelines to intelligently and automatically manage up to 20 demographic segments per ad across multiple platforms; utilizing Transfer Learning to run thousands of simulations for each demographic target on every ad, every hour. That’s 480 updates per day for every ad! (a scale at which humans just cannot operate).

Adext will not only exploit what has already worked well for you based on historical data, but it also intelligently decides when and how much it should be exploring. Through these exploration/exploitation cycles, it's consistently budgeting for the audience with the highest sustained conversion rate per ad.

Finding The Most Profitable Audience For Any Ad

Cross-Channel Budget Optimization Automation

Adext maximizes revenue across multiple channels: Facebook, Google AdWords, YouTube & Instagram (coming soon: Microsoft Bing, Amazon and Snap Ads).

It makes automatic updates every hour to micro-audience budgets at scale driven by machine learning pipeline outputs and proprietary business logic to ensure it efficiently optimizes budgets and reallocates them within the platforms that are performing better by providing the lowest costs per conversion. 

The beauty of this is how it uses Google data to optimize Facebook and vice versa.

Big Data That Enhances The Accuracy Of Predictions

The more campaigns Adext manages and the longer it manages them, the more information it will learn and use to make more accurate predictions.

This tremendous amount of live campaign data and budget allocation constant activity is something that only an automated software like Adext can do! And it will, to ensure it gets the most out of your media investment. 

Currently The First And Only Real And Transparent Ad Tech AI

Almost every other ad tech company seems to be riding the hype wave and claiming they are using AI, but the truth is, they’re not; which is why they have their platforms behind locked doors and can only be deployed after an intricate month's long consulting-like setup process and training. They also refuse to guarantee a conversion increase under contract. If they’re truly using AI, then why not guarantee? 

We know you’ll want to see what’s going on! For that reason, transparency has become our core value. You’ll have full access to review your accounts’ reports anytime to find out where, how and how often budgets are being set, as well as the real impact in cost per conversion.

A Dedicated Team For You

We know your accounts require a quick and effective response regarding any change or adjustment you need to make on your campaigns. That’s why we have a responsive Customer Support Team willing to help you succeed.

Start by booking a chat with one of our experts

Adext Is Totally Free Until It Improves Your Campaigns' Performance

Adext’s AI has proven to deliver better performance results than any other human, software or tool out there. That's why we guarantee under contract that, if we don’t reduce your current Costs Per Conversion, then we won’t take any form of compensation or fee (which, fortunately, hasn’t happened yet). 

So, technically, you only lose if you don’t give this a try.




Average increase in conversions

Campaigns have been improved by Adext AI

Daily simulations per ad to predict its performance

They Already Know How Powerful Adext's AI Can Be...

Antonio Rallo

Co-Founder of KIO Networks (currently the one and only Mexican unicorn) & CEO of (Club of Angel Investors focusing on early stage strategic investments in scalable software platforms).

Adext is becoming very much like Google and Facebook in the sense that if you're not using their technology, then you're simply not as competitive. 

If your competition is using the Adext AI and you're not, then your competition is generating +150% more sales than you are (with the same investment in ads). 

It's no secret that e-commerce sales depend on these platforms, which is why Amazon is both Google's and Facebook's #1 client, investing billions of dollars a year in their ads.

Similarly, Priceline Group reportedly invested $3.5 Billion USD in Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising in 2016. Google and Facebook combined hold 84% of the market share in global digital advertising according to the Financial Times in 2017 (PPC Advertising market share is even higher and therefore most of the $3.5 Billion USD were paid to them).

Many claim that's the reason for their success, considering sales today depend on correctly measured Google and Facebook Ads. The Adext AI maximizes the ROI and efficiency on those ad investments within those platforms. 

Simply put: If you're not using the Adext AI, then you're leaving money on the table.

Javier Mancilla

Digital Prophet at TARS Autonomous Technology, Associate Principal at Exxact Business Intelligence (#1 Performance Marketing Agency in Chile) & Former Chief Marketing Officer at Linio (Crown Jewel of Rocket Internet).

We mystery shopped Adext to see what kind of results their supposed AI platform could deliver. 

There’s a lot of companies claiming to be using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, but none of them really do. There’s a lot of fakers out there, so we had to try them.

We thought no one could beat our human performance marketing team since we were obsessive about recruiting the best of the best talent in digital media planning and media buying, we also used what we believed to be the best tools and technology in existence. Just as we did back in Linio.

 We were wrong. The Adext AI basically multiplied our client’s sales by 2x without spending more.

We now have a great partnership with them and together we’re successfully disrupting digital media. 

AI is real, and AI is here. Man needs to merge with it or disappear.

Beat most digital agencies that focus on online ads at their own game, effortlessly

Claudio Cervantes

CEO of Embelle Paris, the CPG e-commerce startup revolutionizing and disrupting the way CPG business is done by proving the success of a pure online business model for CPG.

 We made a small investment of $489,379.94 to test the Adext AI in Mexico and with that investment alone, we generated $3,635,720.88 in sales within our Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) e-commerce platform. That’s an ROI of 6.43x (per every $1 we invested in ADEXT, we received $6.43 in net sales).

Our human rockstars team, known to be one of the best at digital marketing, could barely achieve 3x ROI and they were already using some of the best software in the industry. The Adext AI basically increased our ROI by 215% when matched against top human experts + pre-Adext technology.

We're glad such an AI exists, otherwise, our business model simply doesn’t work with our current margins. We've tested multiple platforms that claim to be using AI and ML, but none come even close to the results provided by Adext.

People need to stop thinking that they can beat Artificial Intelligence, it’s simply not possible. Now we’re raising $10 Million in funding and 50% of that money will be invested in Adext. We’re expecting an ROI of at least 5x with that investment, according to the Adext AI’s predictive models.

Artificial Intelligence Is Set To Disrupt Digital Advertising

Let’s face it: AI is revolutionizing the Advertising Industry the same way Netflix ended up knocking Blockbuster out of their proverbial socks. 

Markets evolve, customer preferences evolve, and businesses must evolve as well. Do you want to stay relevant with ever-changing consumers?

It’s time to say goodbye to old-school advertising and leverage artificial intelligence to improve personalization, enhance ad targeting and make advertising teams agiler. 

AI will transform media buyers from reactive to proactive planners. Merging with AI is liberating human's creative and strategic potential. 

“Humans must merge with machines, or become irrelevant in the AI age.” 

- Elon Musk

According to Forbes and Capgemini Consulting (2018)…


of marketing organizations are implementing or expanding AI and machine learning in 2018. 

of enterprises are tackling their most challenging marketing problems with AI and machine learning.


3 out of every 4

organizations implementing AI and machine learning increase sales of new products and services by more than 10%

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What's your Ad Spend in Google + Facebook? 

Your information is being secured and won’t be shared with third parties. By filling the form below we understand you agree with our Privacy Policy. 

If your monthly ad spend on these platforms is between $300 and $50,000 USD per month, our self-service Audience Management as a Service (AMaaS) Solution is the right choice for you.

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